Prejudice, discrimination, bulling and obesity

What does prejudice, discrimination, and bulling have to do with obesity, particularly among the minority population groups in the United States of America?

People are acutely responsive to how other people perceive, and feel about them. Therefore, when they become targets of prejudice and are discriminated against, they tend to lose confidence in themselves and suffer from low self-esteem. This can lead to significant psychological problems such as depression. Depression has been found to be connected to over-eating. It is not unusual for depressed individuals to find joy and satisfaction in food. This, in turn, can lead to overweight and obesity. Unfortunately, this can also adversely affect their health and their life as individuals, which can ultimately, adversely impact their communities. Obesity is an equal opportunity menace to our society. It can afflict anybody. It does not discriminate!

1-One way to fight it is to educate our children and their parents; to help them understand that we all belong to one race, the human-race. The belief that some races are superior to others is fallacious, erroneous and counterproductive.

2-We need to teach our children self-confidence and healthy belief in themselves.

3- We should guide them toward adopting proper lifestyles and eating the right types of foods in moderation. We also need to teach them to embrace physical activity and exercise.

4 Most importantly, we should impart to them the confidence that leads to mind over matter. This way, nothing can stop them from becoming part of a healthy nation.