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This newsletter will be produced Bi-monthly. It focuses on obesity, the fastest growing epidemic in the United States that shows no discrimination and cuts across racial, cultural and geographic boundaries with equal virulence. The high obesity prevalence has forced the US Administration to invest billions of dollars in its fight. It has conquered all man made social barriers and, thus far, has proven to be the victor. It is against this background that the Children Obesity Foundation Inc. has developed a number of strategies and programs to be implemented during the next 12 months to fight this silent killer. This newsletter will, at best, advance all of the strategies and events the Foundation will be undertaking. Its successes will be highlighted bi-monthly and shared to the general public together with the highlights of the national action plan and news releases in the fight against this health condition.  

Kelvin George

Managing Editor


Purpose and Mission

The purpose of the Children Obesity Foundation Inc. (COF), a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization, is to be the most current and effective national health education resource that helps children, their families and communities to address all factors that lead to obesity and the development of obesity-related health issues, such as, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, pulmonary and joint disorders, high cholesterol and low self-esteem.  One out of every three young people is overweight and the number of overweight and obese children is increasing at an alarming rate.  Obesity is now becoming the single biggest and totally preventable health issue that drives up the cost of health care.

The mission of Children Obesity Foundation is to provide assistance to the local communities, children, parents, teachers and healthcare professionals on how to prevent and treat childhood obesity proactively by implementing healthy living skills through nutritional education, physical activity classes, empowerment programming, books, videos, films, and to lay a foundation for healthy behaviors that will

reduce obesity risk and promote health over the course of a lifetime. The focus on eradicating childhood obesity is critically important and for every dollar invested in prevention of obesity, the benefits are many; from reduced health care costs to the emergence of a healthy generation of American children.



Amos Knoll

Chairman, Children Obesity Foundation


Pictorial objective:

Dear friends and all our members of Children Obesity Foundation

 We are excited with our first edition of the Children Obesity Foundation Newsletter 2015 on Conquering Obesity.  It is electronic newsletters that will provide relevant

Information that will assist the readers understand the concept of a healthy life style and encourage them to adopting these practices in order to obtain their full benefits.

 This is a new e-magazine that will give you all the information that we feel is important for you to understand the concept of a healthy life style.

Some of our articles will be written by our own team including Dr. R. Simuzoshya, Dr. G. Juris and other prominent doctors and health professionals that we feel can greatly help you understand the importance of taking the first step to creating a healthy environment around you by adopting health-enhancing dietary habits and engaging in regular physical exercise.

It is important to understand that we do not live in a perfect world. As such, it is of uttermost importance for us to make the effort to know the unhealthy elements in the environment that surrounds us. We also need to be able to develop an informed approach to wisely choose and maximize what is offered to us in our local stores so that we can create a healthy dietary program for our bodies, our temples, in the best possible wayby knowing what to eliminate and what to retain and utilize.

 We do not live in a dreamland in which everything is perfect and is healthy. Therefore, our mission is to give you the best advice, choices and answers to your questions in consultation with top experts in the field. This is what we are trying to prevent!  A sick nation our future.

As the commercial states “Stay healthy my friends. Yes, drink water which is the lifeline of all of us,” lots of it not colorful carbonated sugary substances.

We would appreciate your comments in our new e-magazine and will be looking forward to hearing from you.

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Amos Knoll