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(The Max and the Red Haired Dragon Book)



To stop all kind of discrimination in our society it will have to come from our new generation and their parents.

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 We must all do our part to pass on the words that there is only one human race; we owe it to our children. I need your help, we need your help, but most importantly our children need your help to teach them and show them how to understand that all humans are interconnected.

I'm an author, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, artist, builder developer, and movie produce and most importantly I'm a great grandfather, grandfather, husband for 56 years, father and a person that loves the human-race and humanity!

Chronologically I'm 75 years old but mentally I feel like I’m 17 years old. I'm still out to conquer the world and all its wonders. The younger I get the more I realize that there is no end to the wondrous knowledge the world is offering us and teaching us. I find it important to teach our children and their parents that there is only one human race while our children are impressionable.