1- Donate whatever you can to help fight the obesity epidemic.


2- It won't cost you a penny, but you are giving


3- You can donate a car.


4- You can use Amazon smile for your next amazon purchase. 


6- Volunteers Needed

Children Obesity Foundation is seeking volunteers positions, ideal for someone who wants to be part of a growing organizational movement a cause a person who has already achieved his/her career goals.  People who will help us pass the message “We are feeding our kids to death”.
a.     Contact friends ,family, organizations, business associate, on Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail, etc.
b.    Talk to people to donate, money , cars etc. . show them our causes, guide them to our website.
c.     Help us build a mailing list so we can send out our blog and E-news
d.     Help with event
e.      Etc..

If you have any questions Contact:
Amos Knoll at: amos@obesitystops.org   Direct: 561-347-1200
If you have any friend that you would to recommend it would be appreciated.